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The Last of the Dream Warriors: Two Worlds by Natalie Armentani (Goodreads Author) Hey Dreamers! In celebration of Book 4: 7 Kingdom Treasure being released, I am offering a chance to begin the adventure where it all started! #lodw

7 Kingdom Treasure

The wait is finally over, Dreamers!!! Continue the adventure with Nadine and her friends as she uncovers the truth behind the 7 Kingdom Treasure. #lodw With the Dark Lord imprisoned by the SLAG Nation, Nadine is ready for a real vacation from both worlds. So when Danny suggests they tackle finding the seven pieces of a mythical treasure, Nadine is all game. She gets more than she bargains for though while traveling to the other six kingdoms. Don't forget to head over to Amazo

Epic love, epic song

Nadine and Carter. Their love story is so epic it spans two worlds and across a world filled with dreams, literally. These star crossed would-be lovers keep trying but life doesn't seem to want them to be together. For an epic love, here is an epic song. Congrats to the giveaway winners. Your books should be arriving today/tomorrow. I will keep everyone up on next giveaway when it happens. In the meantime, if you have not joined the adventure you

Music in the making

In book 3 - Jealousy - We find Carter making decisions based upon the things he knows. He knows Nadine is keeping secrets from him. He knows she is spending a lot more time with another guy. He also knows both of these things are related. What he doesn't know is the truth. The Dark Lord sets Carter up for a big fall in his relationship with Nadine. How? He uses the one thing he knows that can make or break a relationship, trust. The Dark Lord also uses Barbara to keep Carter

Wednesday Wisdom

I think we can all agree that nothing in life is free. We all have to push to get what we want in life. Dream big and DO big. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

3 Book Giveaway

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Manic Music Monday

For the haters out there who have nothing better to do than throw shade at everyone around them, this is a song you need to hear. I am tired of the hate out there, especially from those who have no reason to hate. I am tired of the judgement and the deep seeded need to make others feel bad so they can feel good. This world gives you nothing but what you can produce of it. Stop the hate. Feel the good. And most importantly don't forget to keep on dreaming. Dream on, Dreamers!!

Monday Manic Music

In Book 3 we find Nadine facing her worst enemy once again, This time in the REAL. In an epic conclusion, Nadine has to vanquish the Dark Lord back to the Realm before he does something horrible to her best friend, Kelly Ann. That confrontation I "dreamt" up while listening to this song. Enjoy! It's been a rough couple weeks writing. Book 4 will be the largest of the series to date and takes us through 7 kingdoms, each with its own perils. At the


Today, lets celebrate friendship. Friendship blooms in the young first and is shared throughout our lives based on what we learned from our friends over the years. So lets celebrate the young and their friendships. May they last a lifetime. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

Wednesday Wisdom

It is a hard thing to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. There are so many forces against you, against your success. Sometimes those obstacles are closer to home than you would like. Don't let anyone stand in your way of your dream though. Fight for what you believe in. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

First Review on JEALOUSY

Its time, folks. Its time for you to begin the adventure. If you are unable to get on Amazon to pick up your copies of LAST OF THE DREAM WARRIORS then message me. We can work out getting you copies. Don't let this adventure pass you by. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw Maryann's review of The Last of the Dream Warriors 5/5: Once again this author did not disappoint. As we join Nadine and Danny in this installment life has become far more complicated for the chara

Manic Music Monday

Okay, folks! Book 3 - Jealousy is out!! If you have not joined the adventure yet, what's stopping you? Today's selection makes me think about the Dark Lord and his dark mind. In Book 3 we delve into the dark thoughts of the Lou and his nefarious plan to destroy Nadine's life, both figuratively and literally. With this song I visualize Lou's hunt for victims while in the Real. He is both methodical and cruel in his every action. Don't forget to follow LAST OF THE DREAM WARRIOR

My very first commerical

With the launch of Book 3 - Last of the Dream Warriors: Jealousy dropping in two days I though I would remind everyone about the first two books currently available on Check them out today!! #lodw


Where is my brain this week? I think the peak of good weather has me all turned around. I can't believe I released Wednesdays Blog on Tuesday!! Anyway, since the weather has been fine the last couple of days I thought I would let this lil bit brighten your day even more. Dream on. Dreamers!! #lodw

Wisdom Wednesday

I am going to just leave this out there for you to determine the meaning behind it. For me, its pretty self explanatory. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

Manic Music Monday

since JEALOUSY is dropping Thursday I thought I would tease you one last time with this. Nadine's double life is catching up with her with her arch nemesis striking an accord with the SLAG Nation to invade the Real. Nadine must find a way to extract Lou from the Real before he causes permanent damage. Under the guise of a face Nadine does not know, the task seems impossible, even with Danny by her side. Can she stop him before he hurts anyone? It

Fun Fact Friday

Did you know in a study performed on 320 Adults that only 48% of the characters they dreamed about were actually known to them? Of that only 45% were actually known by their faces. Bizarre or uncharacteristic behavior was shown to be about 14% of the recognizable characters. That leaves a lot of room for the unknown. So where do these unknown characters come from? It is said our minds may be presenting a construct by a social role, such as a policeman for insistence. The char

Wisdom Wednesday

What is inside your heart? Do you have aspirations for great things or do you live the life planned for you? It's hard to look inside yourself and be completely honest about your dreams and aspirations sometimes, at least to the people around you. Maybe they won't agree with you. Maybe they will find your dreams silly, unattainable or even worse, not worth the effort. If it is inside your heart it is apart of you. Never let anyone defile your dreams, no matter who they are. D

Character Spotlight

Daniel of Haasfolk. Danny was born to be a scholar. He values books and the written world. He is an adept diplomat and has used this gift often when it comes to the royal family of Detoriola and how they deal with each other. Danny was supposed to become the De Mar Chi, the highest ranking advisor to the king, until life had different ideas for him. He had a deep friendship with King Herald of Haasfolk before his cousin Olivia abandoned him for the love of a pirate named Crou