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Last of the Dream Warriors

Adventure Starts January 2021

Nadine Ruth finds out her dreams are real and she is actually from a world where dreams come from. Nadine is in line for the throne of her kingdom but has to survive the wrath of a Dark Lord if she ever plans to take throne.


Two Worlds

January 2021

A physically abused teenager has gone through life thinking the only person who truly loved her in life was her dying grandfather. Her grandfather and her two best friends. Nadine wanted nothing more than to have a normal life where she could live without fear and be able to dream. The only thing she would see when she closed her eyes though was a vortex of color she could not penetrate. After her grandfather’s death all that changed. Nadine finds that everything she knew to be true in life was anything but.
Nadine is from another world and just so happened to be royalty, a princess and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Detoriola. The only way to reach this world, the Realm, though is through her dreams. Life in the Realm is more dangerous for her than the only world she could ever recall being a part of, the Real. There is someone hunting her in the Realm, a Dark Lord who believes her kingdom belongs to him. Nadine was sent away to protect her from the Dark Lord. All her memories of the Realm locked inside her are waiting to be released. Her family fears that if she remembered her past life, she will be doomed to repeat it.
Nadine is tethered to two different worlds and must keep her double life a secret for fear of what her friends would do if they ever found out. Especially the love of her life and best friend, Carter. It gets harder and harder to keep her double life a secret as the Realm requires more and more from her. It doesn’t help that Nadine’s power started to manifest stronger than anyone had ever seen before. Still Nadine tries to navigate both worlds without her memories to help guide her. That is until the Dark Lord finally caught up with her.
The Dark Lord kidnaps and tortures Nadine in order to enact his horrid plans for her. The abuse sets something off in Nadine that not only awaken her memories but unleash a power throughout the Realm the likes no one has ever seen before. What the ramifications of this will bring remains to be seen.


Rise of the Dark Lord

March 2021

The Dark Lord has been vanquished.

Nadine's family waits for her to awaken after destroying her nemesis. They wait in fear because they are unsure which Nadine they will find when she wakes, the Nadine they had come to know or the old wild child they all dreaded. They are worried because Nadine has some of her memories back. Meanwhile, Nadine's friends and family in the Real have no idea what has happened to her. All they know is Nadine is in a coma and it is a mystery if she will ever wake up.

Nadine does wake up in both worlds and has bigger issues to attend to. Nadine is pregnant with the Dark Lord's child and must figure out a way to hide her pregnancy from her friends in the Real. All the while something dark is looming over her and her impending birth. Nadine may be the most powerful being the Realm had ever seen but she is ill prepared for what is coming for her this time.



May 2021

The Dark Lord has found a way to gain access into the Real. It is up to Nadine and Danny to find a way to expel him from her world before he hurts anyone she loves. The SLAG Nation controls who has access to the Real and they are hard pressed not to maintain the accord with them and the Dark Lord. It is not so easy when dealing with the alien race for help though. With Danny by her side Nadine must find a way to minimize the damage Lou can do while trying to keep her secret from the ones she loves. Carter loves Nadine but he can not handle being lied to anymore. With the arrival of former coma patient, Josh Groves, on the scene Carter's jealousy is in full rage. His jealousy may be misplaced though since he has no idea about the real threat to his relationship with Nadine.


7 Kingdom Treasure

April 2022

There is a tale about a forbidden treasure that holds the mysteries of how the seven kingdoms were created. In order to unlock it though, one must find all the pieces to the puzzle. 

With her heart drawn between two men, Nadine must choose between Carter or AJ. The choice is bigger than that though. Nadine must choose between the Realm and the Real. Unable to do so readily, Nadine decides she needs time away from all her distractions to make a decision. Nadine needs a break from her family, the men in her life and all her responsibilities. When Danny offers up a quest to unlock the 7 Kingdom Treasure, Nadine jumps at the opportunity. She has no idea what she is in for though, but finds out soon enough as she travels through the other six kingdoms in search of the pieces to unlock the treasure.

Nadine finds out what being royal really means to the kingdoms in the Realm. Nadine also comes to a conclusion of who she belongs with but has she made the right decision?


All things Being Equal


The Dark Lord is back and gathering his armies. Against the wishes of her family, Nadine decides to go undercover as the Dark Mistress Natasha to find out what he is up to. Her plan backfires though when High Lord Evil finds her out and decides to use the rebellious princess's alter ego for his own devious plans. It's up to Sam, Danny and the Holy Twins to exorcise Nadine's inner demon in order to bring balance back to the Realm. Will they do so before Natasha is able to cause permanent damage?

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Still reeling from the damage caused b y Natasha, Nadine wants nothing more than to lie low for a while. When a mysterious traveler ends up in the Real though, Nadine has to take action quickly. The traveler is not what she expects and neither of the consequences of his illegal travel. 

Nadine is more stunned by an unexpected visit by her mortal enemy. What he wants from her is more than she is willing to do. After Lou saves her life though, she feels she has no choice but to give him what he wants. Will he accept the gift he desires?

There is more than one surprising return that will change the way Nadine sees the Realm and a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. 

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The Nomads


A thousand years ago, a band of warriors went out into the great unknown to find out what was beyond the kingdom of Detoriola. They were never heard from again. Presumed dead, the warriors were forgotten. When Zannon has a vision, Nadine finds out that the warriors indeed lived and their descendants were in trouble. It is up to Nadine to stop a terrible evil from befalling them. Despite the family's disapproval, Nadine runs head first into danger.

The Nomad Nation is at war. Nadine must fight beside the warrior descendants to ensure a Dark Shaman does not gain control of the Nomads. If he does, the Dark Shaman plans to bring war on Detoriola and the other six kingdoms of the Realm. With the help of an unexpected ally, Nadine helps good triumph but makes a fatal mistake. She must agree to a challenge to the death or face an uncertain future for Detoriola.




Having braved a death challenge and learned the ways of the Nomads, Nadine has found herself changed. With her new friends by her side, Nadine finds herself in front of the Council more than once, each time escalating to a decision no one saw coming.

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The Rite of the Real


Seven kingdoms, seven trials. Each more difficult than the next. In order to win her freedom from the Realm though, Nadine must pass them all. 

Unicorn knows she is about to lose her sister and wants to gift her the one thing she knows Nadine wanted more than anything. She wanted to gift her a life without lies. While caring for her vessel in the Real, Unicorn plans to do just that but will the Council let her?




It has been five years since Nadine too the Rite of the Real and not a day goes by that she doesn't think about her family and children she left behind. Especially since people in the Real have been getting progressively angrier since she left. When Charlie literally pulls her back into her old life, Nadine finds out why. 

A Dark Lord has laid waste to the seven kingdoms and her cousin is all that remains of the Council she once knew. It is up to Nadine to stop the evil from seeping any more into the Real. She must gather her strength in the Real though while figuring out how to save both worlds.   

With her secret out in the open, there are no more lies between Carter and Nadine. She knows though that if she returns to the Realm there is no coming back. Can she give up a second chance at love to save the Realm? There never really was a choice. 


The Guardian


Kevin loves Charlie more than life itself. there is just one problem though. They live in two different worlds, literally. When Kevin almost dies from taking too many drugs to remain asleep to be with Charlie, Nadine brings the boy to the Realm. He can stay in the Realm and marry Cahrlie only if they both have had a chance to walk in each other's shoes. Charlie is sent to the Real to see what life in there is truly like. It is a trial that opens both their eyes. 

Nadine knows she has to name an heir to her power as Guardian but is having a hard time choosing. She wants to do right by all of her children and does not wish the burden she carries on any of them. She also wants her daughter to be happy. The decision she makes will shock everyone in both worlds.  


Child of Prophecy


Two hundred years have passed since Nadine was Guardian. The Realm is nothing like it was when she was alive. The Council is no more as is the treaty with the Real. Every kingdom rules itself and there are territorial conflicts all the time between kingdoms. Naomi doesn't know anything about this though. She has lived a protective life under the guardianship of the SLAG Nation. She lives a simple live, escaping every so often to have adventures in the dreams of those from the Real. Naomi's life is turned upside down though when her dying grandmother gives her a gift that had been thought lost long ago. 

Iona knows she must protect Naomi from both the SLAG Nation and those who would use the gift for evil. Iona does the unthinkable and enlists the help of an unlikely ally. This ally though has been locked away in a place most men would have been driven insane by. Can they trust their new ally or will he be the death of them all? 

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