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Fight, Fight.
The only way to go on is to fight.
Your burning heat knows it can not withstand the chill but you fight.
Burning you safety, your wall, you fight until you can’t fight no longer.
Die in a smoky grave.
Your fight is over.
The battle is lost.

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Circle of Confusion

A silent mind holds back all disturbing thoughts. Suggestions are a mind’s demons. Demons of these nature can kill if they are not stopped. Happiness can spawn evilness if the soul lets it in. In the mind’s eye things are not as we should see it. Blind from reality is being lost in the circle. Nonsense keeps thoughts busy so the distrusting thoughts fade back into the scene. It does not disappear.


Cold As Fire

Life has passed by me faster than a child’s life. I look

back and see pain as sharp as a knife.

Danger larger than due perhaps very old. I know it is all

true and that’s what makes me so cold.

Diamond shape tears fall from my face. My heart doesn’t

lie. No matter what color attitude or race. I believe in

everyone’s mind we can fly.

Cold as fire even if it’s a sin. Life’s just job I like to retire because I can’t win.



No words spoken

No eyes will meet again

No passions shared

It’s forbidden.

Don’t look to deep

Hold back your words

Take hold of your thoughts

You’re forbidden.

Dreams shared no longer

Tears shed quietly

Catch those lingering thoughts

Hope is forbidden.

No more games

No confusion

The friendship is gone

Always the forbidden.


Death Tonight

Traitor to everyone
enemy to none.
The loneliness ten times
greater with other than alone.
Strange faces,
broken sighs.
No angels cry over you tonight.
If the devil be so kind grant you death.
He ignores you,
taunts you with his pleasures.
He knows no mercy.
Dreams turn to nightmares.
Faces turn evil and black.
No sign of forgiveness in sight.
Death will not come tonight.



Gentle breeze feel my cheek no more. I gave you my heart and you threw it into the fire. The fire burnt deep and scattered when you walked away. You left me burning. You left me yearning for your touch. I hide from the fire. I run from the gentle breeze. It all is a memory of your touch, your love. It’s all a memory now. It is over. I have escaped.


Faces Forever

The wind beaten faces
times forgotten soldiers
the pictures we paint out of the clouds.
Just like them clouds will flutter
soon to leave us behind.
What pain did they suffer?
What lives did they live?
We only care what they can accomplish around us.
Can a star be that glow in your eyes?
Or is it?
When the sun comes up our night leaves.
Nothing is forever.
Even the air we breathe.
What kind of forever can it be?
A day in time only lasts a day.
An era that lasts for years is still not forever.
The soldiers march on though the forever is gone.
It’s time for them to just be past faces in the sky.


Forbidden Broken

Face the fire without fear.
Chase away all those you hold dear.
Without darkness there is no light.
Without conflict there is no fight.
Tired dreams for all to see.
The forbidden was hard for me.
Forget that dreadful law.
Time for passion to bear it’s claw.
To me he was like a king.
He made my soul sing.
As strange as it may be,
He is the only one I want to see.


Burning Light

Life has passed by me faster than a child’s life. I look

back and see pain as sharp as a knife.

Danger larger than due perhaps very old. I know it is all

true and that’s what makes me so cold.

Diamond shape tears fall from my face. My heart doesn’t

lie. No matter what color attitude or race. I believe in

everyone’s mind we can fly.

Cold as fire even if it’s a sin. Life’s just job I like to retire because I can’t win.

rejoice without a need.

To run like a cloud,

wild as the stallion is how I wish to be.

The midnight star isn’t as dark as one would believe.

Only in your heart can you really know that star is alive,

there for all.

The wonder of it’s magic spell

can take you away from the ordinary.

High above the night

beyond dimension

reality to a far off dream you once held.


Lost Time

The dawn light broke and all I could see was what I had lost. It seemed ages ago but time says it was only yesterday. My heart sank into a hole never wanting to return until he came along. The one who made me laugh, the one who knew all my troubles and the one to feel my passions. In my heart I could feel he would always be mine but my mind knew he loved another. The other he may never meet nor ever lay eyes on but she was there deeply troubling him. With his every touch I felt the tingles and as he passed by I knew the butterflies inside to leap. How can a woman of my restraint even dare whisper the word ‘love’ to a man like him? His body so prefect, his mind so well rounded that even an intellect would be amazed. He knew all my secrets, my wishes, and my desires except one. To keep this one secret keep a little flame in me to myself. I only burden me. I hold tight to it so no one knows my real soul. The one that can burn for someone one moment and forget him in the next like a grain of fallen sand. I am young still. No longer a child everyone looks over. Now they point and blame the so long forgotten one for the littlest misdemeanor. Life has dealt me my fated hand and now I must live by the pain it gives me. God knows not what I desire today but of my yester years. If I asked could I receive a sacred gift? The gift of love that is as unselfish as a newborn, as pure as a winter’s first snow and as free as the wildest stallion. I once had a heart of stone in me. Now I am like a rapid waterfall. I cry at the most insignificant things. Years of torment fading away and I have still not recovered. I hold deeply to the memories of the only man who loved me and who ever will. With that comes the ugly. A new life, a new day yet I refuse to let go. I am the supreme act for I show no real enjoyment. An enemy is what you make of her and I am my own. My death will be me and my life my own damnation. My belly starves for recognition but fails to be known. Blood is not the answer yet I feel myself being drawn to it. The rain falls and my worries and fears run off me as it does. The wind is my renewal of my strengths to go on. I feel as if magic is in me waiting to burst out and take the world on. Then I look around and see my world hasn’t changed but time has passed. I am disappointed in myself for not fighting harder the lost battle I have fought. I was afraid of being hurt so I gave up. One reason I could have lost my way. The other? The change in life’s new societies. They move on and I stay alone. Time has gone by. The dawn light broke and all I could see is what I had lost ¼ time.

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Destiny can never be denied.

The pit of my devotion has darkened for the last time. I shall wake from this long time of delusions and crawl out of that hole. The world looks different now. The love I once cherished looks new and changed. Things have changed. The light has choosen finally to lift me out of my dark prison. Reborn  to the same body yet a different day. I am ready to give up childish things and walked into the light, to be blessed with the knowledge that life holds from us. I want to pray, sing, even shout out about what I ahve found. I can see the change I can find the signs. I open my arms to it. It is inevitible we shall be together. Destiny tells us change is not life or death but renewal and memories. To lose track of this destiny, this system, is to be lost once. No one, not even I, could find the light. The pit grew darker and more controlling but I still tried to be free. One day, by chance, I caught the opening, small but visisble. I freed myself and now my world had changed. I can see the change in my world. The battle is over. I have finally won. Now for my destiny to begin.


Out of Prejudice

Gentle spirits roam free

No dark thought holds you back.

No evil plan keeps you captive.

You are free.

Blackness chokes you.

Demons called prejudice tie you down.

You are trapped

Your soul turns ugly.

Your differences bring you pain

No worries you have

A free spirit has no worries

You roam through the garden free

You are alive

Rise above the demons

Rise above the blackness and evil deeds

Be free of bias prejudice

Be free



heavy, deep
farther into the dream
nightmares beyond control
sleeping the great day away
chills of wariness
silence in disguise


Talents of a Burden Heart

Passions for my poems and writing I hold
Because of it every one treats me cold.
Why is it I always see death
In the dying face holding a last breath?
Pieces of the future I can see
None of it deals with me
A helper to my friends I am true
Yet why can’t they see when I am blues
People believe me to be helpless and weak
Can’t they see they are making me a freak?
What is the point of candles burning their light?
No one can see them on the darkest night
I always seem to be mad
Or rather eternally sad
I try not to act the fool
When is it my turn to be on the pedestal?
No one ever looks for a person’s mind
Curved and long is their kind
People see a man lying in the gutter
Not a peep not a mutter
Yet I cried
The angels sighed
It’s talents of a burden heart.


Troubles in Passion

Sweet kisses of joy

Ecstasy’s charm

The evilness of seduction takes hold

Heated passions rise

Close your eyes

Feel your heart beat faster

Hold tight to that endless night

It won’t last long

The sun rises in the end

Dream shattered

Hope is dead

Reality begins to seep through

Broken laws

Dark secrets

And the shallow conscience

Sweet kisses never last

Friendships broken

No way out

No one sees the truth

The truth is gone

Troubles in passion

All so newly struck

Life goes on

And so do you.


Wild and Withdrawn

People take for granted the every events that spark wonder in a child’s dying eyes. In this world I see corruption, deceit, pain, anger, revolution, death and hate. In this world I see love, rebirth, amazement, peace, hope, romance and joy. I shudder at injustice and cry at the unneedful deaths, the children’s deaths. Innocence is no longer a holy war to be won. It is corrupt by the evil this world spread, even at birth. If the light should finally shine on us and the Lord takes us wild and withdrawn together, will we be equal? Are we the image of thy Lord as he wished for us? Racists, murderers, politicians and Satanists. Priests, newborns, nuns and believers. Can these be united under the light and live in an innocent well world even with us wild and withdrawn? God gave us this world and now damned us to our own personal hell. My Hell is being wild and withdrawn.


Ye Demons Beware

Beware demons!
Mortal hands ring out upon they cold
It’s power,
Neither magical nor in it’s        mechanics,
can not be compared to another.
Strike him!
Thy enemy of flesh for fear ye own lost
demons might drive thee to the brink of insanity. Flame from the fire breasts mouth can no longer stop ye as the evilest soul.
For thou has crossed over.
The flames burnt thou pale skin to little but ash.
Yet thou must wait.
Trembling lips to thou cup of young blood.
Warm, soothing yet in the same breath is murdering thy soul.
It takes thee under it’s evil wing to purge into thy tired mind.
It wants you.
It needs you for it’s drink.
As thou suffers the hardest blow it awaits like a crow in for the kill.
Thou body cold.
Mind dead.
The blacken heart by thou’s devilish mate.
All ye hail new satan, for it is you.

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