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This was just a couple weeks ago but still fits the bill. My baby girl sitting there reading the bible. Not just reading the bible but taking notes. She has been at that off and on for a couple weeks now. Why? Well, first she loves to read just about anything that catches her eyes. More importantly though, she is worried about if she is good enough to get into heaven. No, you read that right. My 8 year old is wondering if she is good enough to get into heaven. The question is something I think everyone faces at some point in their lives universally. My response to her when she asked if she was a good enough person was that God sees our all our actions and judges us by our heart. If our heart is always in the right place than he will find no fault in our actions. The bible is our manual in a sense on how to be a good person not just in action but within our hearts. So today I dedicate this blog to my baby girl and her awesome and loving heart. Dream on, babygirl. #lodw

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