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Arcadian Society

Because I like to tease my audience (yes that means you Maryann!!), I thought a little preview would be fun. Also don't forget to follow on all my platforms. Enjoy! #arcadiansoc

Sneak Peek: Arcadian Society - The Kiss of Life

“Stay with me,” I whispered, breathing against his lips.

I could feel Adam’s conflict. If he stayed with me, things would change between us. We had been flirting around what had been happening between us since he saved my life. Blaming the attraction on the accident, had been easy. Admitting what we were feeling for each other was real, was a lot harder. I knew how I felt about Adam. I wanted him for more reasons than I cared to admit. It wasn’t just physical attraction though. I wanted him for all the good in him. I wanted him because of who he was, not just his beautiful body. It didn’t matter if we could never truly be together. None of it mattered. I needed Adam like I needed the air I breathed. Everything else felt wrong.

“Mine,” Adam growled as his hands wound through my hair.

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