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Character Spotlight

The Dark Lord Soubackalou of the Shadowland, son of Aaron of January and the half brother of Kyle (AJ and Anotnio's father) and Ian (Nitro's father). Lou was conceived when a mischievous succubus set her sights on Aaron. Lou was raised in the hard fiery corners of the Shadowland by his mother. He found his way to become one of High Lord Evil's most accomplished Dark Lords. Despite being half human, Lou embraced his darker side but it was his human side that devised the insidious plot to take the throne of Detoriola by marriage. Had it not been for Nadine's birth, Lou would have had everything he wanted. It was a set back but Lou has tried in various ways to reclaim the throne for himself and with it, access to the Power Crystal. Lou has a flare for torture and not just physically. He enjoys breaking the mind and spirit of his victims in ways that have long lasting effects.

Lou has always embraced his darker side but what do you think would happen if that dark side is no longer accessible? Would the Dark Lord simply tune in to the evils of man or would he become something he loathed, human? Check out the Last of the Dream Warriors to find out more about Soubackalou and the rest of the dwellers of the Realm. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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