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Character Spotlight

Daniel of Haasfolk. Danny was born to be a scholar. He values books and the written world. He is an adept diplomat and has used this gift often when it comes to the royal family of Detoriola and how they deal with each other. Danny was supposed to become the De Mar Chi, the highest ranking advisor to the king, until life had different ideas for him. He had a deep friendship with King Herald of Haasfolk before his cousin Olivia abandoned him for the love of a pirate named Croupe. When Danny fell and love and married Gloria, he felt his leaving to be by her side was a betrayal to his best friend and king. Danny has not been back home since he left to marry Gloria.

Danny all but volunteers to be Nadine's new guardian when the Dark Lord finds his way into the Real. Unprepared for life in a new world, Danny finds himself the student instead of the teacher. He also finds his feelings for Nadine are at odds with where his heart truly belongs. Danny attempts to always do the right thing but when the right thing is at odds with his wife's wishes, what path will he decide to take? Find out by join the adventure today.

Book 3 - Jealousy will be out in less than two weeks. If you have not picked up the first two already head over to Amazon today and pick up your copies. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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