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Character Spotlight - Evermore Coven

Meet Faith, Ursula and Sadie Evermore. The sister trio hail from Salem where they have lived most of their lives practicing their craft and keeping off the radar of hunters. That is, until Adam and Julia step inside Wicked Good Books looking for help.

Sadie can read auras. Faith is clairvoyant. Ursula's true gifts have yet to be seen by outsiders though. Each of them have a single lock of silver hair. They are all cautious of outsiders, especially those from the Society. While unable to complete their spell to fix Julia's empathic gifts, they were able to create an amulet to keep them under control. Why did they help Julia at all? Michael Fremen.

Who is Michael Fremen? Is he also part of the Evermore Coven or something else entirely? Why did he send Julia and Adam to the Evermore's at all? Stay tuned in to find out as our journey continues with Julia, Adam and their friends.

In the meantime, keep the dream alive, Dreamers! #lodw

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