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Character Spotlight - Three BFFs

The tripod, as Shannon calls them. When one is in trouble the other two won't be far behind trying to find a solution. Each of the ladies catches the eye of a Fellow but who are they?

Julia Devon is our dark haired heroine with icy blue eyes. Beautiful. Julia has a secret though that not even her best friends know about. She is an Empath. When her gifts start to effect everyone around her, she will need more than her besties to fix her issue.

Shannon Rogue is a fierce redhead who really enjoys fighting the system, even if it is by sucking on a lollipop. She tells it as it is with very little filter when it comes to the legacies.

Maggie Fehr rounds out the trio as the energetic optimistic blond who will do anything to protect her friends, even face down a horde of witch hunters.

Will they find with the Fellows or will their hearts be broken? Find out by joining the adventure today with Kiss of Life, available on now!! #lodw

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