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Coming Soon...The Kiss of Life

Here is a preview of The Fellowship of the Arcadian Society: The Kiss of Life! Be sure to pick up you copy when it becomes available and follow the adventures of Adam and Julia as they navigate the supernatural world around them!!

Closing my eyes, I sighed letting myself lie back. I listened to the waves rolling in and out. The grainy sand was cool under my hands. I let my toes curl into the sand bringing knees up. In all the places I had lived in the last several years, Nahant was becoming a favorite. Not because of the epic demigod saga I had found myself in the middle of but because of the quiet. You would be hard pressed to find the kind of silence I had found there anywhere else. Cities were overrun with thousands of people all brimming with high emotions all the time. Nahant had a good amount of people on the island but spread out enough where I could find isolated little spots like that one. I could normally sit there for hours without anyone stumbling over me. Normally. Unfortunately, Roland had other things in mind than a peaceful day at the beach.

What was it about those Society boys that made them so easy to feel them coming?

I opened my eyes to find Roland standing next to me, looking down at me with a scowl. I sighed sitting up as I commented, “That does not look like happiness to see me.”

“We need to talk,” He growled.

I nodded standing.

He watched me brush off the sand from my bottom, arms crossed over his chest brooding. I could only chuckle. He looked like a spoiled child that had his favorite toy taken from him not someone descended from demigods. What did I know though? The demigods Adam described sounded like spoiled children. Perhaps that was how they all looked.

“So, I suppose you’re here because of what Adam told me,” I said.

“This isn’t a game, Julia. Our entire way of life is at risk because of what you now know. Adam should have never told you about us,” he growled.

His whole demeanor was pissing me off. It didn’t help I was feeling the waves of his anger flowing off him and crashing into me like boulders. I mean, I get it. He was mad. Adam had told me a secret that had been kept for centuries. He pulled me into the loop even though it could have put his whole way of life in danger. Sure, I had asked but that didn’t mean he had to tell me. Maybe he did though. I was seeing images of Arcade and Joanna for a reason. Maybe I was meant to know their secret. Who was Roland to judge me for that?

“Look. I really have nothing to say to you about this. If you came here to threaten me, consider the message received. Okay,” I told him.

I tried to walk past him, but he grabbed my arm roughly as he said, “We aren’t done yet.”

No. We weren’t.

The contact forced all of Roland’s emotions at me at once so hard I nearly fainted. Roland wasn’t mad. Maybe on the surface but in reality, he was scared. He was scared not just for his people but for Adam. He was scared of what would happen if their secret got out and it attracted hunters. He was terrified of hunters. They were his own personal boogeyman. In the fear was also mixed jealousy. He worked so hard to keep up with his scholar peers. Adam’s ability just came to him without any work. Adam didn’t just heal me, but he had used a gift no one had seen in centuries. Adam also had a weird bond with me Roland couldn’t understand. He was envious of the bond. He was envious of Demetrius as well and his carefree ways. Roland put on a tough front, but he was falling apart inside. He felt as if he was failing his friends by not being able to figure out why Adam was so drawn to me. He couldn’t figure out why I was having visions. He thought he was a failure.

I felt a tear wet my cheek.

Roland pulled away from me suddenly, taking a step back shocked as he whispered, “Witch.”

“I prefer Empath,” I muttered rubbing my arm where he had grabbed me.

He looked at me for a long moment before saying, “I am only going to say this once. Stay away from Adam. Stay away from the Fellowship.”

I watched Roland march away from me down the sandy path. The peace I had temporarily found was gone. I decided to head back home after Roland was out of view. I had a sneaky suspicion that whatever spooked Roland meant that I would be expecting more visitations. For a secret race descended from demigods, they really weren’t good at keeping their thoughts to themselves.

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