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Fun Fact Friday

Premonitions, a strong feeling that something is about to happen, typically something unpleasant. Prophecies are written versions of premonitions. Down through the centuries our society and in every religion has been riddled with premonitions. Don't believe me? Catholics call it Revelations in the bible. Islam provides 15 different prophecies from Muhammad about things to come. Tui Bei Tu is a Chinese book of prophecies written by Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang. Ever hear of Nostradamus? The list goes on and on yet the idea of premonitions are thought to be a falsehood in the same societies who believe in these religions. Some religions have strictly forbade their followers to divine premonitions because they think of it as a sacrilege. Still, millions of people have premonitions every day, some not even realizing that they have even had one. That many? Yes. We all have. Ever get a foreboding feeling something was about to happen and then it did? There you go, premonition. It may not have been epic or life affirming like we see in the movies but you had yourself a premonition.

Prophecies and premonitions have underlining consequences in the Last of the Dream Warriors. Nadine is believed to be a child of prophecy because events unfold around her that had been written down centuries ago by the woman in white, Wysteria. The question becomes though are the things happening because they were meant to be or because Wysteria wrote them down. Where is the line between predetermination and free will? Perhaps it lies in our dreams. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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