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Fun Fact Friday

Did you know in a study performed on 320 Adults that only 48% of the characters they dreamed about were actually known to them? Of that only 45% were actually known by their faces. Bizarre or uncharacteristic behavior was shown to be about 14% of the recognizable characters. That leaves a lot of room for the unknown. So where do these unknown characters come from? It is said our minds may be presenting a construct by a social role, such as a policeman for insistence. The character is not just one cop but a combination of many. This happens for about 35% of the characters we dream about. That still doesn't tell us where the other 17% of characters in our dreams come from. Perhaps the ideals behind LAST OF THE DREAM WARRIORS is not so far fetched. I know one thing for sure. I plan to keep better attention to what and who I am dreaming about from now on. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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