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Manic Music Monday

since JEALOUSY is dropping Thursday I thought I would tease you one last time with this.

Nadine's double life is catching up with her with her arch nemesis striking an accord with the SLAG Nation to invade the Real. Nadine must find a way to extract Lou from the Real before he causes permanent damage. Under the guise of a face Nadine does not know, the task seems impossible, even with Danny by her side. Can she stop him before he hurts anyone? It doesn't help that Carter becomes overwhelmingly jealous of Nadine's new friend. The real threat to their relationship is not Danny's vessel though but a man Nadine can't seem to resist when she closes her eyes every night. It doesn't make sense and her family has warned her against it but Nadine can't seem to stay away from AJ. But what does that mean for her relationship with Carter? Find out by picking up your copy of JEALOUSY dropping this Thursday, May 1st, on

Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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