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Monday Manic Music

In Book 3 we find Nadine facing her worst enemy once again, This time in the REAL. In an epic conclusion, Nadine has to vanquish the Dark Lord back to the Realm before he does something horrible to her best friend, Kelly Ann. That confrontation I "dreamt" up while listening to this song. Enjoy!

It's been a rough couple weeks writing. Book 4 will be the largest of the series to date and takes us through 7 kingdoms, each with its own perils. At the same time Nadine is trying to find herself and who she is meant to be. Will she find what she has been missing? Check out 7 Kingdom Treasure when it drops, hopefully still in July. Meantime, get caught up in the adventure with Books 1-3 now available on Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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