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Music in the making

In book 3 - Jealousy - We find Carter making decisions based upon the things he knows. He knows Nadine is keeping secrets from him. He knows she is spending a lot more time with another guy. He also knows both of these things are related. What he doesn't know is the truth. The Dark Lord sets Carter up for a big fall in his relationship with Nadine. How? He uses the one thing he knows that can make or break a relationship, trust. The Dark Lord also uses Barbara to keep Carter away from Nadine using any methods possible, and I mean any methods. Thinking about the twisted ways Lou and his little minion use Carter's feelings for Nadine against him, I think of this song. Carter really does become down with the sickness.

I am incredibly close to finishing Book 4 - 7 Kingdom Treasure, with only a couple more scenes to wrap up. Not sure yet on the exact drop date but I am still hoping for sometime in July. What's the delay? Book 5 - All Things being Equal - has been crowding my brain and you know a crowded brain needs to be emptied before it can finish what its started. so i will probably end up finishing both back to back. More on that later though.

Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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