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Sneak Preview Sunday:

This is the first post for Book 3: Jealousy, which won't be out until May 1st. I can tell you in the series this is by far one of my faves. Book 2: Rise of the Dark Lord drops tomorrow though exclusively on Amazon. Head on over to pick yourself a copy or give me a shout out and I can assist with you getting a signed copy. Also, follow us on all platforms. Dream on, Dreamers! #lodw


I stood cautiously holding my bag loosely. The ragged men were blocking the doors. I would have to go through them to get out. I tried to shake off my rising concern. The energy coming off these creatures was not good or wholesome in anyway though. It was what I felt when I was around demons. It was an unclean feeling that made me want to shower twice over. All I could feel coming off them was malice. They intended to do harm and from the looks of it what they wanted to harm the most was me. I had to get away from them and quickly. I moved just beyond their reach but closer to the doors cautiously. None of the ragged men moved but three sets of eyes were focused solely on my every moment. Something was definitely wrong.

“Hey fellas. Mind if a girl gets by,” I said trying to sound calm while being anything but.

One growled at me, actually growled at me. He growled like a feral animal. If that wasn’t frightening enough, a single word slipped through his lips sending shivers up my spine. “Princess.”

I dropped my bag immediately. The men came at me all at once. I used the bar above my head to catapult them in the opposite direction. I picked up my bag and swung it at the first to recover. It fell back with a grunt. Hands grabbed my arms in efforts to subdue me. I thrusted my elbow back and grabbed its head. I tossed the man into his fallen comrade. Spinning on my heel I thrust out my leg into the third man. He crashed into the window splintering the protective glass. The train pulled into the station and I hurried from the scene slinging my bag over my shoulder.

I didn’t look back hurrying away from the station. I needed to get to safety and quickly. I wasn’t sure what they were, but I had a sneaky suspicion that Lou had something to do with it.

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