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Sneak Preview Sunday

Have you wanted to know the sadistic thoughts that ramble through the Dark Lord's mind? Then you need to pre-order Book 3 - Jealousy today. You won't be disappointed! Until then here is a taste of what's to come. Dream on, Dreamers! #lodw


I stood in the middle of the bedroom admiring the lovely shade of red that stained my skin. It was more black than red but either way it looked lovely on my naked body. The fine auburn hairs on my chest matted by the sweat the vessel had exuded as I did what I knew best, torture and mayhem. Who needed clothes when you could wear the blood of innocence? Alas, I found it highly unlikely the masses of meat bags in that world would find my idea of attire fitting. I would have to wash away all this beautiful suffering if I planned to start my day educating the little monsters I was now assigned. With a heavy sigh, I stepped over the lifeless body of the random stray I had picked up on the way home from my evening shopping and headed to the shower.

I smiled at the frightened whimpers of the naked female zip tied to the toilet. Her body was also covered in lovely shades of red but that was mostly from me painting her before I did so many terrible things to her. It had been an exquisite evening to tell it correctly. Even though my erection was still sitting at half-mast I had to ignore my baser instincts. I had my position calling me and my devious plans to continue.

I patted her head gently before whispering in her ear, “I can’t right now, my darling pet. I have so many little minds to corrupt. Never fear though. I will be home soon enough, and we can see how much I can make you scream then.”

She cringed away from me in fear. I gripped her blood-soaked hair kissing her mouth roughly. She shrieked straining against her restraints. A soft cry left her lips as I let her go. Tears streamed down her cheeks smearing the lovely red. I sighed feeling content as I stepped into the shower. So many minds to corrupt indeed. There were hundreds of unwitting helpers just waiting for someone like me to teach them how to be evil. It was going to be so much fun.

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