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Topic Tuesday

Today lets discuss the wandering mystery known as the Gypsies. In Last of the Dream Warriors, the Gypsies are a band of free thinking people who travel throughout the Realm. They hold no allegiance to any one kingdom and follow their own set of rules. Both AJ and Antonio's mother had been gypsy born and returned to the lifestyle once her children were born.

Nadine finds the life of a gypsy fascinating because of the freedom they seem to have. They are free to love and be as they wish to be. Since birth, Nadine has been told how to be and forced into the role thrust upon her. It's enough to make any teenage girl rebel and that was what Nadine had done when she met Diana's father. Her rebellion got Nadine banished but perhaps we will eventually get to meet the man she gave up her freedom for so long ago.

Want to know more about the Gypsies and other fascinating people of the Realm? Head over to Amazon and join the adventure today! Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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