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Topic Tuesday:

Final Kingdom and we saved the best for last. Detoriola. This is the home kingdom for our heroine, Nadine Ruth and the Power Crystal. Coincidence? I think not! It is where most the actions happens because Detoriola has and always will be the first kingdom in the Realm. Over a thousand years ago something happened that split the kingdom in seven and made Detoriola a matriarchal society. Want to know what happened? Well, you will need to read the series then! We get really into separation in Book 4 - the 7 Kingdom Treasure coming in July 2021. Meanwhile, pick up your copies of Books 1 & 2, available on Amazon. Also, don't forget to follow us on all platforms. Dream On, Dreamers!! #lodw Facebook: eraneo2 Twitter: Nataliearment14 Instagram: Eraneo2 MeWe: nataliearmentani Tumblr: eraneo2 Wattpad Goodreads

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