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Topic Tuesday

For today's topic I would like to discuss the Elders. These are the highest ranking individuals from the Holyland. These men and women have spent years, their entire lives actually, dedicated to the study of knowledge and spreading the word of the Great Maker. In terms of the Real, they would be considered priest and nuns. In the Realm though these people are much more. Nearly everyone in the Holyland can demonstrate at some level the ability to use magic. Why is that? It is said from legends that the people of the Holyland are all descended from Nephilim, the product of a union between Angels and humans.

Nadine's father, Sebastian, hails from the Holyland and was once an apprentice on his way to becoming an Elder. If not for his brief stop to witness the union of a grieving queen to a Dark Lord, Sebastian's may have become an Elder. His destiny had other plans for him though, as did his heart.

Check out more about the Holyland and the Elders in the upcoming parts of the Last of the Dream Warriors series. Until then, Books 1-2 are ready for purchase. Head over to today to pick up yours or join the giveaway for book 1 starting April 1st on Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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