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Topic Tuesday:

Today lets talk about the kingdom of the Shadowland. Home to the Dark Lord Soubackalou and pretty much all of demonkind, the Shadowland is a grueling and unforgiving place. While demons are bred in the Shadowland it is not the only place where they are created. The creatures of born from nightmares eventually harvested and brought into the Realm where they make a home in the Shadowland.

The Dark Lords rule the Shadowland at the behest of their master, Lord Evil. Lord Evil is the epitome of darkness and commands from the shadows, placing his lords in the line of fire. He has been an allusive character, only mentioned scarcely throughout the tale so far. That won't always be the case though. When the Dark Lord makes himself known it will take everything Nadine has to not come out unscathed.

We have less than a week until RISE OF THE DARK LORD is available for purchase. Don't forget to head over to Amazon in the meantime and pick up your copy of TWO WORLDS if you have not done so already. Also, Follow us on all our platforms. Dream on, Dreamers!!

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