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Topic Tuesday:

Today lets talk about Haasfolk. This is the kingdom Danny is from. Haasfolk is a kingdom mainly of water. The only body of land to be found is in the middle of the vast waters. Their main resources are seafood and knowledge. If you were not a fisherman you were dedicated to one of main lines of studies. Because the land is covered with so much water Haasfolk has many sea harbors around the outskirts of the kingdom. This also means there is the ever growing threat of piracy on the high seas of the kingdom.

Perhaps Nadine will run into a few pirates in one of her adventures. Until then why don't you head over to Amazon and pick up your copy of TWO WORLDS or reserve yourself a copy of the upcoming RISE OF THE DARK LORD, dropping March 1st. You won't be disappointed. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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