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Topic Tuesday:

Today's Topic - The Kingdom of January.

Home of Antonio and AJ, this kingdom is more than beats the eye. Why? More than 75% of it is underground. That's right. The kingdom of January is inside the great mountain. It is the home to a high concentration of dwarfs who mine the mountain for its treasures. January's highest export is that of emeralds and sapphires. There is rumored to be two palaces inside the mountain. One just beyond the gates for outsiders to present and then a secondary palace that only those who live inside the mountain have ever seen.

On top of the mountain lives a high concentration of gypsies, which has been a point of pain for the dwarf king, Vo. The gypsies travel throughout all seven kingdoms but maintain permanent encampments in January. Since AJ and Antonio's mother was a gypsy by birth, you can be sure we will be seeing more of the gypsies as Nadine's story develops. Before then though, make sure you pick up your copy of her adventures and learn all about the seven kingdoms of the Realm. And as always, dream on, dreamers!! #lodw

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