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Topic Tuesday

Today lets talk about the SLAG Nation. SLAG - Sentient, Logistical, Analytical, Guidance. The SLAGs think themselves better than their human counterparts because they are not run by emotions. Their only vice is their deep need for more knowledge. They are self imposed leaders who keep the balance of power within the Realm. As such, they are the only creatures with the specific knowledge of how to send travelers to the Real without a major catastrophe. Even the Kingdom Council needs their guidance in such things. The SLAGs have a language of their own that they use when trying to communicate with the humans from the Realm and even then with the help of hybrids. The hybrids are humans who went through a specific and mysterious transformation that made them part SLAG. The SLAGs can communicate together through a hive-like telepathy. They have no individual identity and as such have no unique name for each of them. They are the SLAG Nation, one many forms but of one mind.

Find out more about the SLAG Nation by picking up your copy of Book 1 - the Last of the Dream Warriors: Two Worlds and start the journey today! Don't forget to follow LODW on all platforms as well to keep up what is happening in the Realm. Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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