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Topic Tuesday

Lets do a character spotlight. I want to talk about Iona. This character begins each of the books with vital information about what is happening or has happened in the Realm to help us along with the story. She is a very distant relative to Nadine and the ruling members of Detoriola. You may be wondering how. Iona's origins start a thousand years before Nadine was even born, before there was seven kingdoms. She volunteered to be protector of the family and was changed by the SLAGs into a hybrid, much like Vex. She watches over her family and waits for the time when a very special treasure will be restored to the Realm. Until then, Iona will watch and wait, remaining our mysterious guide in all things happening in the Realm.

What is the special treasure? How does Iona fit into the royal family of Detoriola? Find out more by joining the adventure! Pick up your copy of books 1 & 2 today and pre-order book 3 dropping May 1st. Until then, Dream on, Dreamers!! #lodw

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