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Price of Life

TBA 2022

When Felicia Taylor agreed to take a ride with her parents to help them pay off their debts, she had no idea her life was about to change. Felicia had no idea she was going to be that payment. She finds herself in a new town where children run the show and picking the wrong crew to run with can get you killed. When the leader of a rival group sets his sights on her, things go from bad to worse really quick.

Price of Life

Price of Life

In a world where money rules all things, Felicia Taylor finds out that even she has her price. Felicia finds herself thrust in a world where kids rule under the forceful but fairly absent sharkies. There are two groups at war in this new world order and she needs to decide where she belongs. With a violent leader after her, Felicia is afraid she will find out the true meaning of Death's Price.

Trials of Life

A Price of Life Sequel

Felicia and her friends find themselves free from the walls of Helltown but not free from the effects. Still healing from her injuries, Felicia decides she has to take a stand for all the people who died behind those walls. Felicia wants justice against her parents for what they did. Will she lose everything in her search for justice though?

The Cost of Living

A Price of Life Prequel

Kevin was just a boy when he came to Helltown with his infant brother. He found a new family in a group of ragtag friends, a new father in their leader and love. That all comes crumbling down around him though when a jealous boy tries to make a name for himself.

Power in Living

Kevin's Story

Kevin finds himself lost and alone with no idea what to do with his life when an opportunity falls into his lap. First though, he has to confront the people who ruined his life in the first place. When Kevin goes home to confront his parents he finds a shocking discovery. Can his family move on from what happened so long ago?

Chance for Life

Bobbie's Story

She was just a baby when her mother gave her up. Even in a Fabian shelter, life was not so bad for Bobbie. She had the love of Randy, a kindly keeper who was like a father to her, and her best friend. When another boy sets his sights on Bobbie though things go from bad to worse really quick.

Faith in Living

A Price of Life Sequel

When Kevin comes home after being gone for almost a decade, he finds the surprise of his life. His family are reluctant to let him back into their lives with open arms.  Felicia feels the same way. Can she forgive him for how things were left so long ago? When an old enemy returns to haunt them, they all must come together if they ever plan to heal.

Fight for Life

Sarah's Story

Sarah and her cousin had a special bond growing up. When he went missing, Sarah knew something was wrong. she pressed her father to find her cousin, at all costs. her persistence made her a target for a very powerful man.

Problems in Life

Eric's Story

Eric watched the life he knew disappear twice now. When he finds himself in another Fabian Shelter, he thought it would be his last stop. Most residence in a Fabian shelter didn't make it past eighteen and his birthday was really close. He never expected to find love, especially in a place like that with one of the people keeping him there. Will their love be enough though to save his life?

Crusaders of Life

A Problems in Life Sequel

Now freed from his Fabian prison, Eric has one thing on his mind. He wants to help those like him who can't help themselves. Well, he had two things on his mind actually. Saving the children of Fabian and finding his lost love.

Point of Living

Vonna's Story

Vonna lost the love of her life and her beloved sister. She thought she would never fall in love again until she looked into the eyes of her future.

Time in Life

Tommy's Story

Tommy is a survivor turned crusader but never the guy the girls fell in love with. That is until he found himself in the middle of a relationship that came with more baggage than his own.

Purpose in Living

A Price of Life Sequel

Maxwell Smalls is going to jail. The Helltown survivors decide that all GranVentures's victims needed to celebrate the massive win. A gathering of survivors brings a lot of old faces back together just in time to save the life of the one they held most dear.

A Different Life

The Kids' Story

The children of the survivors of HellTown come together to present a memorial to their parents. They do so in the only place that seemed fitting, the abandoned town where their parents all suffered. The halls of the old hospital are not the only thing they need to be scared of though. Before the tribute is over their lives will all change in ways they couldn't have ever imagined.

Life & Death

Max's Story

From the point of view of Maxwell Small, we find out what was really behind his motivation of creating GranVentures and the Fabian Shelters.

Life Everlasting

Mike's Story

Max Smalls had one dying wish and Mike promised to make it happen.

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