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Fellowship of the Arcadian Society

On the tiny island of Nahant, there is a secret hidden away from the world for over two Millennia. Witches, demigods, mermaids, giants and all manner of mythical creatures roam the earth. It is up to Adam, Julia and their friends to stop these creatures from destroying the world as we know it.

Adventure starts October 2022


Released October 2022

Kiss of Life

Adam has just turned seventeen and knows within the next year he must become pair-bonded with another Arcadian Society member. When he brings Julia back from the brink of death though everything changes. Now, with hunters and the society itself at their backs, Adam must decide if what he is feeling for Julia is worth the risk.

Julia has lived her life moving from one place to another, not really forming a bond to anyone. When her family moves to the tiny island of Nahant, all that seemed to change. She finds herself thrust in a saga that began centuries before she was even born. Julia must figure out if what she is feeling for Adam is real or a side effect from the visions she that have overtaken her life.


Daughters of Serena

The arrival of the Fellows potential mates creates mixed emotions for both Adam and Julia. Adam knows he must honor thousands of years of tradition by taking Seraphina as his mate. While attracted to his chosen mate, Adam can't help his lingering feelings for Julia. Can Adam get passed his feelings for Julia?

Julia knows Adam must be with his chosen mate. She is having a hard time reconciling what she needs to do with how she feels. When hunters start hunting her though, all bets are off. Will Julia survive long enough to admit how she really feels for Adam?

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Knights of Luna

Kidnapped to an isolated part of Russian, Julia and her friends find that the hunters aren't their biggest problem. Now, they must figure out a way to escape or possibly be torn apart by frenzied wolves during the next full moon. Can Julia and the others find a way to work together to save themselves?

Under the strict leadership of their alpha, the Knights will do whatever it takes to find their true mates, even abduct witches. Viktor wants his people to prosper once again and believes the only way to do so is through creating more Knights. not all the Knights believe Viktor is right though, especially Asher. Will Asher step up in time to save Julia and her friends?



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